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"As soon as all that gas money comes in..." Will it, won't it, and how do we know?

"When was the last time you got something for free? Hello? Is there anyone on the other end of the line?" "I like free stuff. Who doesn't?"

"Can you imagine taking a shower in a solution of acid?" "Acid is a good exfoliate." What do we know about fracking? What do we hear, and what do we ignore?

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Molly, the environmentalist, and Frick and Frack, natural gas welders, talk fracking... well, does bickering count as "talking"?

"Nothing is sacred - not even the F-word. Now it's fiver letters long." Have you ever stepped over the line when talking about fracking? FRACK YOU! seeks to use humor to start a dialogue about a difficult issue. The broadcast premiere is just a few weeks away!